Business Visa Procedures 2012

Applying for Saudi Businessmen \ Business Women visas

Web address for Saudi embassy

  • Due to the changes to the Saudi Visa systems, we strongly urge you to use a visa agent, as currently there is not a link for a Business Man \ Woman Visa on the UK Saudi Consular website. However the Saudi Visa team are still processing them.  Below is a guide on how to process an application form and I have embedded in the Zip file an application form for a Businessmen \ Business Women visas and a Business Visa (yellow form), the latter  requires a letter of  support from a Saudi entity prior to applying for it; for further details please click here
  • In support of your Business Man\ Woman Visa application, you will need to submit a letter from your company, stating that you are a director/board member/senior manager, or some other senior representative. See a copy of the visa form and guidance in the images at the bottom.

    Completing the Enjazit form to get the e-number
  • Do it from home or a non-networked computer - you will have to reduce your security settings, and your work computer almost certainly won't let you do that
  • You should use Explorer internet browser.
  • When you get to the Enjaz, website
  • Front page follow the first link Apply for a visa to enter the Kingdom of Saudi embassy abroad by individuals
  • If you have a letter of support from a Saudi Entity, they would have registered this with the Saudi Authorities and been issued a Sponsor ID Number.
  • You will need to upload a photo - this is usually the biggest hurdle.  It needs to be very small (follow the guidelines on the screen as to the size required).

This is a pic of the form that you're looking for - note instructions on top left.

enjaz form

Here is the size of pic that you need  very small

pic size example
  • If an error message appears click on it, ok it.
  • You will need to pay $10.50 via credit card, for the E-number and a separate charge for the visa, select submit.
  • Once submitted, you will immediately get the e-number.  Write this clearly on the visa application form

Below is a small sample of visa companies that have been used by UKTI stakeholders in the past. Please note, that we are not recommending these in any way and there are many others visa companies that offer this type of service.

Gulf Visa:

Harley Medical and Visa Services Limited



Guidance and Example Forms:-

Guidance Note

Business Visa Application

Business Man / Woman Application