Financial Services SIG

Introduction to the Financial Services SIG by Chair Farooq Azam

The Financial Services Special Interest Group was established in early 2010 under the sponsorship of the British Business Group Committee.

Aligned with the objectives of the British Business Group (BBG)

1.   To promote the growth of British trade in goods and services within Saudi Arabia.

2.   To facilitate relations between British nationals resident in Saudi Arabia, visiting representatives of British

companies and the British Consulate General, more specifically its commercial and consular sections.

3.   To encourage contact with Saudi business community, thereby promoting ties between the two parties.

The FS SIG aims to provide a focus for those members of the British Business Group membership who are  interested in all aspects of the financial services industry in the Kingdom.

The FS SIG committee meets monthly under the Chair of Farooq Azam, with minutes posted on the BBG website.  Membership of the committee is open to any member of the BBG with an interest in the financial services sector.

To date the FS SIG has presented reports to delegations visiting the Kingdom and will continue to support the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) initiative in the Kingdom and the membership of the BBG through its network and knowledge base.

New members are always welcome.

If you would like to join the group, please contact the Financial Services SIG Chair, Farooq Azam: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

16 Oct 2011