Traffic Penalties - Notification Procedures



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In order to be notified of traffic violations recorded against them, all citizens and residents are required to update their contact details (Address, PO Box and mobile numbers) at any of the sectors of the Ministry of Interior, so that they can settle such violations based on minimum penalty value within 30 days; if the violation is not settled during said period, the violator must pay the maximum fine amount as per the New Traffic Law.

This is of particular relevance as you will not be allowed to leave the Kingdom until any fines are paid.


Thanks to BBG member Trevor Pilgrim for bringing this to our attention. Not that of course any BBG member would consider driving in excess of the speed limits…!

To update your contact details please click on the following link:

Update Contact Details


This is what you do…

1.     By the way, the MOI website works better with Internet Explorer than with Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari…..

2.     Before you start you will need your Iqama number and Istimara for your vehicle as there is a code in the bottom right of the Istimara which will need to be inserted into the form.

3.     When you reach the link you will get the following page…at which point you click the box for Updating details at Traffic Department


4.     This will take you to the following page where you click the link in the text “Update Contact Details”…..this will then open a new window


5.     You will be required to fill in your details in the following form…..note that the serial number is in the bottom right of the Istimara.