Saudi British Society

The BBG subscribes to the Saudi British Society see some basic info taken from their website at the bottom of the page. BBG members are allowed to attend events arranged by the Society so please look out for anything that may be of interest whilst you are in the UK.

Some events are highlighted below for more up to date details and to book a place check the Saudi British Society Events page.


5th February 2014: Annual Dinner and Presentation of the Rawabi Holding Awards will be held at 6.30pm at the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5ED.

This year the Society’s Annual Dinner, as in previous years, will be held in conjunction with the presentation of the Rawabi Holding Awards.


The Society was formed in 1986 to help promote closer friendship and understanding between the people of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. The Society is a social, cultural, non-political and non-commercial organisation. It aims to bring together British citizens who have an interest in Saudi Arabia (whether professional, commercial, cultural or otherwise) and Saudi Arabian citizens who are resident in, visitors to or interested in the UK. It aims also to provide a medium through which hospitality may be offered to Saudi Arabians visiting or living in the UK.

The Society has a President who is always the Saudi Arabian Ambassador in London and an elected Committee. There are ordinary, associate, corporate, student and honorary members. The Society is self-financing through subscriptions from members and donations.

Since 1986 the Society's activities have included receptions for important visitors, dinners, exhibitions, lectures and a book launch. The Society has, since its inception, taken an active interest in the activities of the King Fahad Academy in Ealing and, with the generous and valuable support of British Aerospace, presents a silver cup and a cheque each year to the boy and girl nominated as best student by the Headmaster and Headmistress.